STOP ANTS LONG TERM from $88 unit /from $110 for a house

Ants are a nuisance intruder in different ways to most other pests. Usually the number one concern that prompts a call to a pest control professional when you have a pest problem is the issue of health and hygiene. For instance, cockroaches, rats and mice raise instant concern about the contamination of one’s home, food or even the spread of disease. Ants however are a pest for different reasons.


1. Many of the larger species of ants can give very painful bites.

This is of particular concern when nesting occurs around childrens play areas. It can also cause distress for pets who often are repetitively stung by these creatures in your yard.

2. Even small ants can cause expensive damage to items such as appliances.

Ants are regularly attracted to nest in the electrical warmth and moisture of air conditioners. I have seen units worth thousands of dollars have to be pulled to peices and re- assembled or even thrown out because thousands of ants had made the unit their home.

3. Inconvenience, frustration and endless cleaning.

When ants make their nest in or near your walls they will often invade your home and get through everything. You’ll find them inside food containers, in your clothes and constantly tracking through your kitchen.


I often have people express to me that they don’t think ant problems can be resolved. I have found some products that can get you outstanding results however, especially when combined with a little knowledge about the habits of these annoying little creatures.

Over recent years some excellent products that work by ‘transfer’ have been developed. These are crucial to winning your war with ants. Because ants are so small it can be very difficult to locate all their nesting sites. They often appear through tiny holes in your gyprock that you might not be able to detect.

This is where the ’transfer’ product is a winner. These products don’t instantly kill ants on contact but rather are designed to but get in their system and let them crawl back into nesting sites and ‘transfer’ the product onto other ants. By this method the eliminating product is passed through the entire ant population and ant problems are ended at your place!!!

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