Fleas are a pest that will take the combined effort of both client and pest technician to eliminate. The primary difficulty lies in the fact that while adult fleas can be dealt with quickly, flea eggs are cocoon like and therefore have protection against all forms of treatment, at least initially.

A further complexity is that new fleas can be brought into your building simply through your pet playing with the pets of others or also through unseen rodent activity in voids beneath, or in the roof of your building.

This means that despite the initial impact, successful and final eradication of fleas is a process that may not be finalised for several weeks. This is because eggs hatch up to six or seven weeks after treatment and will be briefly visible before contact with the control product in and around your building.

Here are some tips to maximise the speed and effectiveness of flea treatments:


  1. Remove toys etc from underneath beds where fleas could hide.
  2. Have the householders march around the house stamping their feet. This sounds like a crazy activity but flea eggs hatch with vibrations because this is their cue that a meal of blood is nearby. When the eggs have hatched they are then exposed to the treatments.
  3. After stamping, vacuum the house and upholstered furniture thoroughly and seal and discard the vacuum cleaner dust bag after spraying it with household insecticide.
  4. Arrange for your pet to be flea shampooed close to the time of treatment
  5. Treat your pet with ‘Advantage’ or ‘Frontline’ flea treatments. These are available from your vet or check with your operator who may be able to access these products at cost price from the distributer as a service to you.
  6. Wash pet bedding which is a primary source of eggs and larvae.
  7. Remove your pets, especially fish during the treatment, and if you can get away from your building for a few hours it is best to be absent while products are being applied. After this time products have settled and are completely safe for you and your pets.


  1. The pest operator will apply products to both eliminate adult fleas and interrupt the growth process of juveniles.
  2. External to your house the operator will treat areas where your pet runs, the pathways around your house, the lower walls, voids beneath your house, and garden beds where fleas breed.
  3. Internally treatments will be applied to flooring, especially carpeted areas and spaces beneath furniture. These treatments have a light white coloured mist will not stain, are odourless and perfectly safe for you.


  1. Do not vacuum for at least a week to allow the product time to have maximum impact.
  2. Brace yourself… you may see fleas for as long as 6 or 7 weeks. These are newly hatched eggs that will live only a few hours on contact with the initial treatment that has been applied. These products along with your efforts will eliminate the problem.
  3. Maintain Frontline and Advantage to ensure re-infestation does not occur.

Your operator will give you a follow up phone call to check that all is progressing to your satisfaction.

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